Megatroid free for Android

MEGATROID android game MEGATROID android gameRebel against the Machine Empire and save the galaxy in this FREE game!
MEGATROID is a fun and engaging platform game that allows you to choose your destiny by infinitely generating new stages! You’ll never run out of action because no two levels are ever the same! If youre a fan of the classic game Megaman or just love really awesome platformers, this is THE game for YOU and your FRIENDS!

The Story of MEGATROID

you play as Hali and your goal is to free the galaxy from the grasp of the almighty machine empire, The Imperium. You are a member of GRiN, the Galactic Rebel information Network and together with GRiN, you fight against the Imperium, battling droids one battle station at a time. At your side is your dear friend and robot pet S.P.A.K.K, the Self Propelled Aerial Kinematic Kitten, who relays GRiNs instructions to you and occasionally helps you fight the Imperium!
Your first mission as a GRiN operative is to steal an Imperial Warp Gate so that you can start infiltrating the Imperial battle stations. Good luck soldier!

FEATURES+ Procedurally generated stages with near-infinite variation!
+ Share your generated stage with friends, across any platform!
+ Hundreds of weapons and armor to choose from in the Black Market!
+ Super-badass weapons, armor and upgrades in the Premium Market! 
+ Intriguing sci-fi setting with episodic structure! 
+ Classic 8-bit inspired soundtrack!

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